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Visual Analysis of Mass Mobility Dynamics

Learning more about people mobility is an important task for official decision makers and urban planners. Mobility data sets characterize the variation of the presence of people in different places over time as well as movements (or flows) of people between the places.

We have developed a graph-based method, called MobilityGraphs, which reveals movement patterns that were occluded in flow maps. It combines spatial and temporal simplifications with interactive data views.

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Extended Surface Distance - A Distance Measure for Local Evaluation of 3D Medical Image Segmentations

The Extended Surface Distance is a more reliable distance measure for assessing and analyzing local differences between automatic and reference (i.e., ground truth) 3D segmentations. The software provides the possibility to calculate and analyze the Extended Surface Distance for Meshes given as .obj or .vtk and compare the results of the new measure with the usual Surface Distance results.

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Networks of Names - Visual Explioration and Semi-Automatic Tagging of Social Networks from Newspaper Articles

The software supports the exploration and tagging of relationships between named entities (persons or companies), which are automatically extracted from news articles. The exploration is based on a novel edge-based degree of interest function, which shows most relevant parts of the graph surrounding user's initial focus entitiy. The user-set taggs are automatically propagated to similar relationships in the network.

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PCDC - On the Highway to Data

Parallel Coordinates for Data Creation (PCDC) is a new visual-interactive tool for the fast generation of labeled multidimensional data sets.

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ViPhy - Comparison of Hierarchies

ViPhy supports comparison of multiple phylogenetic trees. It relies on a set of interactive views comparing phylogenetic trees on various detail levels. The views incorporate information on similarity scores and allow highlighting of similar structures in multiple trees. They thereby reveal global and local tree similarities.

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Computing and Visually Analyzing Mutual Information
in Molecular Co-Evolution

The developed matrix visualization tool allows to take different views on the mutual information matrix by ltering, sorting, weighting, and zooming functionality. Thereby, the user can interactively navigate a huge matrix in real-time and search for e.g., patterns and unusual high or low values.

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for Content-Based Retrieval in Bivariate Data Collections

Measure precision and recall for retrieval in collections of bivariate data using this benchmark. It provides raw data, extracted features for 9 state-of-the-art techniques and matlab implementations for reference.

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