Extended Surface Distance

A Distance Measure for Local Evaluation of 3D Medical Image Segmentations

The evaluation of 3D medical image segmentation quality requires a reliable detailed comparison of a reference segmentation with an automatic segmentation. It should be able to measure the quality accurately and, thus, to reveal problematic regions. While several (global) measures, providing a single quality value, are available, the only widely used local measure is the Surface Distance (i.e., point-to-surface distance). This measure, however, has significant drawbacks such as asymmetry and underestimation in distant or differently formed regions. Other available measures have limited suitability for 3D medical segmentation evaluation. The Extended Surface Distance is a more reliable distance measure for assessing and analyzing local differences between automatic and reference (i.e., ground truth) 3D segmentations. The software provides the possibility to calculate and analyze the Extended Surface Distance for Meshes given as .obj or .vtk and compare the results of the new measure with the usual Surface Distance results.
Program Files: ExtendedSurfaceDistance_v1.0
Pseudocode: Pseudocode.pdf
Contact: Roman Getto

Related Publication:

Getto, R., Kuijper, A., von Landesberger, T.
Extended Surface Distance for Local Evaluation of 3D Medical Image Segmentations
Computer Graphics International 2015


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