Visual Analysis of Contagion in Financial Networks

Simulation and Exploration of Contagion in Financial Networks

Visualization of financial contagion process

We study contagion in financial networks. Contagion is a process whereby the collapse of a node in a network leads to the collapse of neighboring nodes and thereby sets off a chain reaction in the network. Such processes are studied in, e.g., in financial network analysis, infection diffusion prediction, supply chain management or gene regulation.
We propose a system, which includes the contagion simulation and visualization. We are able to compare the evolution of the different contagion processes. We focus on financial networks, however, our system can be applied to other use cases as well.

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Related Publication:
Visual analysis of contagion in networks
T. von Landesberger, S. Diel, S. Bremm and D. W. Fellner
SAGE Information Visualization, 2015, 14/2, pp. 93-110
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