Interactive Visual Comparison of Multiple Phylogenetic Trees

In phylogeny analysis, multiple, differing trees need to be analyzed simultaneously in a comparative way -- in particular to highlight differences between them, which sometimes can be subtle. Typically, the analysis considers multiple phylogenetic trees, either to account for statistical significance or for differences in derivation of such evolutionary hierarchies; for example, based on different input data, such as the 16S ribosomal RNA and protein sequences of highly conserved enzymes. The simultaneous analysis of a collection of such trees leads to more insight into the evolutionary process.
ViPhy supports comparison of multiple phylogenetic trees. It relies on a set of interactive views comparing phylogenetic trees on various detail levels. The views incorporate information on similarity scores and allow highlighting of similar structures in multiple trees. They thereby reveal global and local tree similarities.

Contact: Sebastian Bremm, Tatiana von Landesberger, Kay Hamacher

Poster: Interactive Visual Comparison of Multiple Phylogenies
Video: Interactive Visual Comparison of Multiple Trees.mp4
Program Files: || Version 1.3.1 (16.02.2014)

Related Publication:
Bremm, S. , von Landesberger, T., Heß, M., Schreck, T., Weil, P. & Hamacher, K.
Interactive Visual Comparison of Multiple Trees
IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology 2011


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