Visual Search and Analysis Applications

The new technologies developed in our group can be applied in various application areas. These include:

  • Finance and Economy:analysis of market developments, analysis of shareholding networks, analysis of transactions and their networks, risk analysis.
  • Digital Libaries: search and exploration of the documents stored in the library. We support various types of documents: texts, images, 3Dmodels, graphs, time series, longitudal data.
  • Medical, Biology, and chemistry: we support analysis and comparison of various biochemical data: results from highthroughput screening, phyllogenetic data, deer or bird movement data, biological networks such as protein interactions, etc.
    Contact: Sebastian Bremm, Tatiana von Landesberger
  • Transportation and emergency management: analysis of frequent movement patterns (pedestrians, trafic), analysis of transoportation networks, analysis of emergency paths
  • Meteorology and earth sciences: analysis of temperature trends, analysis of earth measurement data
  • Social sciences: analysis of survey data, analysis of social networks, etc.


Technische Universität Darmstadt
Interactive Graphics Systems Group

Visual Search and Analysis
Tatiana von Landesberger

Fraunhoferstr. 5
64283 Darmstadt

Tel. +49 6151 155-631

icon email tatiana.von.landesberger@gris.tu-

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